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Quality Window Replacement in Sanford FL

From porch enclosure installation to door and window replacement, Sanford, FL homeowners can rely on The Window Shoppe. We’ve been in the industry since 1979, and we have the expertise required to ensure your home improvement project is done to your satisfaction.

We carry only windows that comply with the Florida Building Code (FBC). What’s more, our installers are certified and have years of experience under their belts. You can be confident in choosing us to work on your window replacement project.

Stylish Windows That Stand Up Well to Florida Weather

Sunny one day, rainy the next—such is the weather in Florida. Homeowners in the state know that humidity, harsh UV rays, and the occasional hurricane—can wreak havoc on the exterior of a home.

For this reason, it’s important to choose windows that are designed to withstand the elements. In Florida, impact windows are required for coastal homes that experience wind speeds of 110 mph or more. This is to help mitigate the damage wrought by hurricanes on residential properties.

Those who live in Florida but not near the coast should also consider having impact windows installed. Apart from being resistant to wind pressure, impact windows can also protect your home interiors from flying debris.

In addition, impact windows don’t shatter like a conventional pane of window glass. Instead, they splinter, but they won’t break through the protective coating covering the exterior of the glass.

The ability of impact windows to withstand external pressure also helps keep homes safe from burglars. While impact windows can be broken, it takes a significant amount of time to do so. This may serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals, as this can increase their chances of being caught.

Apart from being impact-resistant, impact windows add beauty to homes. They come in many styles and types, such as single-hung, casement, and casement. With impact windows, you won’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Here are some other benefits of having impact windows installed in your home:

  • Some types of impact windows provide UV protection. This helps prevent the fading that occurs when furniture, art, and carpets are exposed daily to sunlight.
  • Impact windows are energy efficient. The seal around these windows keep out drafts and prevent cooled air from leaking out.
  • They help insulate your home from noise coming from outside.

Investing in impact windows also nets you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

Experts in Window Replacement in Sanford, FL

The Window Shoppe is your go-to for high-quality, FBC-compliant windows and professional installation. Window replacement projects are done by our team of certified installers.

You won’t have to stress over fogging, sloppy caulking, gaps, and other tell-tale signs of poor installation. Our team takes the utmost care to ensure that your windows are installed correctly and to your satisfaction.

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The Window Shoppe team is ready to assist you with your window replacement needs. Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate, learn about our financing options, or schedule an appointment.

Get More From Your Outdoor Space With a Porch Enclosure

With many people spending most of their time out home, it’s only natural to want to make the home a relaxing, welcoming space. However, lack of space can be a problem.

A porch enclosure transforms your porch into an additional, multipurpose room. It becomes an indoor space that allows you to make the most of an often-unused area—your porch.

  • You can use your enclosed porch as:
  • An al fresco dining room
  • An entertainment area for guests
  • A venue for intimate gatherings
  • A place where you can exercise, meditate, or read

Apart from giving you and your household more room to spread out, an enclosed porch has the added benefit of giving you an excellent view of your lawn or garden.

Because a porch enclosure completely encases your porch, you won’t have to worry about insects, the neighbors’ pets, or falling leaves getting inside. It also protects you from the elements, and you can use your porch enclosure no matter the weather.

If you prefer to feel the breeze as you relax on your porch but don’t want to deal with flies, mosquitoes, and the harsh Florida sun, opt for a screened-in porch instead. Like an enclosure, it turns your porch into extra usable space that’s protected from insects, sunlight, and rain.

Entrust Your Porch Project to the Experts

Make the most out of your outdoor space with a porch enclosure or a screened-in porch! The Window Shoppe team will work with you to determine the right option for your home.

Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll take care of all aspects of the project. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we do our work. We’ll also perform post-installation clean-up so you can use your new addition right away.

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The Window Shoppe offers flexible financing options and free, no-commitment estimates on porch enclosure and screen installation. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Strong and Stylish Vinyl Doors: A Cost-Effective Choice for Homeowners

External doors in Florida home take a beating every day. The state’s climate—with its sultry summers, frequent rains, and occasional hurricanes—can quickly damage an ordinary wooden entry door.

While wooden doors are usually treated and sealed after installation, they require resealing every two years to remain moisture-resistant. Fiberglass and metal are good options if you’re looking to replace your external doors, but they can be very costly.

Vinyl exterior doors give you the best of both worlds: strong, durable, and resilient to moisture, termites, and heat, they’re also much more affordable than wood, fiberglass, and steal.

What’s more, occasional maintenance is all you need to keep your vinyl door looking as good as the day you had it installed. Wiping it down when dirty with a damp cloth and twice-yearly greasing of hinges is all you need to do for upkeep.

Despite how practical and cost- effective they are, they have a premium look and feel. Vinyl doors are available in various styles and colors. There are even French vinyl doors and sliding glass doors that are perfect as entryways to your patio or backyard.

Vinyl, French, and Sliding Glass Window Installation in Sanford

When you’re planning to have your doors replaced, it pays to choose an expert to do it for you. A certified installer will not only do an excellent installation job—they’ll also provide you with guidance as you choose the best door for your home.

Founded in 1979, The Window Shoppe has established a reputation for professionalism and quality work. Hundreds of homeowners throughout Florida have chosen us to do their door replacement project. We use only doors that are tested for strength and durability, and we offer styles to suit any design preference.

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