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Quality Window Replacement in New Smyrna Beach

When you want superior window products and professional window replacement in New Smyrna Beach, look no further than The Window Shoppe. We carry high-quality, Florida Building Code (FBC)-compliant products that enhance the beauty, functionality, and security of any home.

Our team will listen to your design needs, work with you to choose the right windows for your home, and provide exceptional customer service during and after the project. We are committed to making sure your new windows look and function according to your expectations.

Warped, Drafty, or Cracked Windows? It May Be Time for Replacement

Windows are designed to last a long time. However, they’re not invincible. This is especially true for windows in Florida homes. The Sunshine State’s climate, with its heat, humidity, and frequent storms, can speed up the aging process of windows.

If your windows are a few decades old tired, you might be wondering if it’s time to get them replaced. Some signs you need new windows are:

  • You feel a draft even when the windows are shut
  • Outside noise can be heard indoors
  • Fogging or condensation between glass layers
  • Cracks, breaks, and chips on the window frame and/or pane

It’s important to replace windows that are no longer looking or working as well as they should. For one thing, damaged windows decrease your home’s curb appeal. For another, they’re inefficient: they allow drafts in and let air-conditioned or heated indoor air out, resulting in high energy bills.

Compromised window glass makes it easier for burglars to enter your home. Also, in the event of a hurricane or tornado, windblown debris can completely shatter a cracked window.

Impact Window Replacement for New Smyrna Beach Homes

When you’ve determined that the best course of action is replacement, don’t just choose any windows. Instead, opt for impact-rated windows.

Apart from being attractive and energy-efficient, impact windows are engineered to be hard-wearing. They’re resistant to moisture, humidity, and even windblown debris. Impact-rated windows, in order to be compliant with the Florida Building Code (FBC), can withstand gusts of wind at speeds of 110 mph or more.

Also, in the event that enough pressure is exerted on the impact window glass for it to break, it won’t shatter. Instead, the outer layers of the window pane hold the broken glass together, preventing shards from flying out and causing property damage or injury.

Window Replacement: A Worthwhile Investment

Replacing your windows not only protects your home from the elements. It also boosts the value of your home. According to, you can get as much as 85 percent ROI on new window expenditures.

Impact windows can also save you on your electric bill by making your home more energy efficient. You can also avoid the home repair costs that come from having a branch or a pebble break through into your house during a storm.

Trust the Experts for Impact Window Replacement Solutions

The Window Shoppe team takes pride in our reputation for quality window replacement. New Smyrna Beach homeowners who want to have impact windows installed can rely on us for a wide selection of window types, sizes, and styles as well as efficient professional installation.

Our certified window technicians will ensure your windows are installed correctly and functioning as they should. Our process begins with us giving you a free estimate and ends once installation is completed, the work area cleaned, and you are completely satisfied with our work.

Contact Us to Learn About Financing

We offer flexible payment terms and 0% interest on financing for up to 18 months. Reach out to us today to get more details!

Enjoy the Outdoors With a Porch Enclosure or Screened-In Porch

When you live in a place blessed with beautiful surroundings, such as Florida, it’s only natural to want to make the most of it. Sitting on the porch, sipping a cold drink, and taking in the view of your lawn or garden are refreshing to the body and mind.

While a porch or other outdoor living area, such as a deck, lets you experience the outdoors at home, spending time there means contending with the less-positive parts of nature: sudden rainstorms, extreme heat, and pesky critters.

Florida’s climate means your porch won’t see much use except on fair and breezy days. However, you can make your porch a room you can use year-round, regardless of the weather, by having a porch enclosure built.

A porch enclosure allows you to get the best of both worlds: the comfort of the indoors and the beauty of the outdoors. In an enclosed porch, you’re protected from the sun, rain, winds, bugs, and your neighbor’s curious pets.

Another great option is a screened-in porch. This provides many of the benefits as porch enclosures, such as protection from harsh sunlight, insects, and animals. Unlike porch enclosures, though, you’ll still be able to feel the breeze.

Have Your Own All-Season Room With a Porch Enclosure

Turn your porch into a beautiful outdoor space you can use year-round with our help. The Window Shoppe offers porch enclosure and porch screen installation to customers in New Smyrna Beach and surrounding areas.

Our in-house installers are certified, highly trained, and experienced. We install enclosures with precision and efficiency, taking the utmost care at every stage of the process.

Send Us a Message

Have questions about our services? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need. We also offer free, no-commitment estimates.

Vinyl Doors for Discerning New Smyrna Beach Homeowners

What better way to welcome home your loved ones and impress your guests than with a stylish entry door? Your entry door represents your personal style and adds visual interest to your exterior.

More than that, external doors provide added security from tress-passers and burglars, protect your home interiors from the elements, and help keep your home energy efficient.

Wooden doors, with their classic look, are a popular choice. However, there is an equally attractive, more resilient option: vinyl doors.

Vinyl is a tough material that doesn’t crack or warp in the Florida humidity. It also won’t get damaged by termites, and it’s resistant to water damage. It also has high insulation properties, making vinyl doors the ideal option for those who prioritize energy efficiency.

Vinyl doors come in many styles, sizes, colors, and finishes. You won’t have trouble finding one that fits your home’s aesthetic.

The best part: vinyl doors, with all their benefits, are typically more affordable than traditional wooden, metal, and fiberglass doors.

Worry-Free Door Installation Services by The Window Shoppe

The Window Shoppe has been in the window and door industry since 1979. We are a trusted name in door installation in New Smyrna Beach and surrounding area, offering a wide range of handpicked door products as well as top-notch service.

We’ve earned our reputation through the attention to detail, passion for perfection, and dedication to customer service that shine through in every project we take on. You can be sure that our team will provide honest, quality work at competitive rates.